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Dinintel 30 mg

dinintel 30 mg brand Clobenzorex (AsenlixDinintelFinedalRexigen) used as an appetite suppressant. Buy dinintel 30mg online. Dinintel 30 mg Online

the capsules are dark green and ligh green.  Clobenzorex (Asenlix) is a relatively new anorectic drug that cited in the literature the last couple of years. It is not available in the United States, but is available in other countries such as Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and France.
The recommended dose is 1 capsule twice daily.

Dinintel 30 mg

Chemically, clobenzorex is an N-substituted amphetamine analog that converted to d-amphetamine soon after ingestion. In commercial production, clobenzorex supplied in 30 mg doses as the hydrochloride salt in green-tinted capsules. The drug gained use as a prescription anorectic in the 1970s; however, adverse reactions eventually observed, which led to the prohibition of clobenzorex in the United States and certain other countries. Clobenzorex (Asenlix, Dinintel, Finedal, Rexigen) is a stimulant drug of the phenethylamine and amphetaminechemical classes used as an appetite suppressant. The drug legally distributed in Mexico under the trade name Asenlix by Aventis.

Clobenzorex (Asenlix) is an anorectic drug metabolized by the body to amphetamine, thus causing difficulty in the interpretation of amphetamine-positive drug tests. Previous studies have shown the parent drug and several metabolites excreted in urine. Clobenzorex itself detected for as long as 29 h postdose using a detection limit of 1 ng/mL. Despite this fact, several amphetamine-positive samples (> or = 500 ng/mL) contained no detectable clobenzorex.

Dinintel 30 mg

Thus, the absence of clobenzorex in the urine does not exclude the possibility of its use. To more definitively assess the possibility of clobenzorex use, evaluation of another metabolite considered. One study reported the presence of unidentified hydroxy metabolites of clobenzorex for as long as amphetamine detected in some subjects. To assess the viability of using a hydroxy metabolite to confirm the use of clobenzorex in samples containing amphetamine, 4-hydroxyclobenzorex synthesized for this study.

This metabolite proved to be easily detected and was typically found at levels higher than amphetamine in amphetamine-positive urines, long after clobenzorex itself was no longer detected. Samples obtained from a controlled single-dose study involving the administration of clobenzorex (30 mg) analyzed for the presence of the 4-hydroxy metabolite. The analytical procedure used acid hydrolysis followed by liquid-liquid extraction and analysis with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry by monitoring ions at m/z 125, 330, and 364. 4-Hydroxyclobenzorex and its 3-Cl regioisomer used in the identification and quantitation of the metabolite.


Peak concentrations of 4-hydroxyclobenzorex found at approximately 1:30-5:00 h postdose and ranged from approximately 5705 to 88,410 ng/mL. Most importantly, however, all samples that contained amphetamine at > or = 500 ng/mL also contained detectable amounts of this hydroxy metabolite (LOD 10 ng/mL), making it a valuable tool in differentiating use of clobenzorex from illicit amphetamine use.

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