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3-MMC, also known as 3-Methylmethcathinone and 3-mephedrone, is a designer drug from the substituted cathinone family. 3-MMC is closely related in structure to the more common illicit drug mephedrone (4-MMC), and is illegal in most countries that have banned mephedrone as it is a structural isomer of it. However, 3-MMC has still appear on the recreational drug market as an alternative to mephedrone. Unlike other legal highs 3-MMC was tested and characterized in large mammals, providing much more knowledge about it than is know about other synthetic cathinones. buy 3-MMC without prescription 

As with many of its research chemical cathinone predecessors, 3-MMC is know to come in the form of either a white powder. Or crystallized shards which users can ingest to produce a powerful.

Information about 3-MMC

It has gained notoriety for its associated tendency to induce compulsive redosing and addictive behaviors in a seemingly significant percentage. Of its users as well the ability to readily induce paranoid, anxiety, various delusional states and stimulant psychosis when taken too frequently. In excessive amounts, or over extended periods of time. buy 3-MMC without prescription

Very little data exists about the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of 3-MMC, and it has little history of human usage. 3-MMC first became available on the online research chemical market, shortly after the banning of mephedrone. It is a prominent example of a contemporary designer drug specifically chose to mimic. And/or replace the functional and structural features of its recently-controlled predecessors. buy 3-MMC without prescription

3-MMC, or 3-Methylmethcathinone, is a molecule of the substituted cathinone class. Cathinones are a sub-category of amphetamines. Sharing share the core amphetamine structure of a phenyl ring bound to an amino (NH2) group through an ethyl chain and an additional methyl substitution at Rα.

3-MMC and other cathinones are differentiat by their ketone substitution on the beta carbon of the amphetamine skeleton. Meaning they are β-keto-amphetamines. It has two methyl substitutions on its cathinone skeleton. One at R3 of the phenyl ring, and a second at the nitrogen group RN.

3-MMC is analogous to mephedrone. It is identical in structure except for the placement of the methyl group at R3 instead of R4. Buy 3-MMC without prescription

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